Terms and conditions of Raja Affiliates Program

Betting Company – a website (Rajabets) that allows customers to place
bets on sporting events online;

Affiliate Program – a marketing agency that brings new visitors to a
website with the help of affiliate advertising;

Affiliate – a webmaster (an individual or a company) that meets the
conditions of the Affiliate Program at Raja Affiliates, delivers new
customers and in doing so promotes Rajabets products.

Players – customers of the betting company that have registered by
following the Affiliate’s link;

Earnings – an amount, earned by an Affiliate as a commission from the
profit generated by the players brought by that Affiliate;

Win – this is calculated as the total amount of a player’s stakes excluding
their winnings.

Payout – a transfer of the Affiliate’s earnings from the Affiliate Program
account to an account in an external payment system;

Payment Period – a time period during which an Affiliate’s earnings
become available for withdrawal to external payment systems;

Promotional Materials – a set of tools for the purpose of promoting the
betting company’s products Rajabets company online.

Affiliate Agreement

  1. Prior to joining the Affiliate Program as an Affiliate, you undertake to
    read, understand and accept the Terms and Conditions of the Affiliate
  2. The Terms and Conditions of the Affiliate Program may change. In this
    event, the Affiliate will be notified by email.
  3. Only persons over 18 years of age can participate in the Affiliate
  4. An Affiliate is fully responsible for the safety of their personal data
    including username and password. The Raja Affiliates Affiliate Program
    bears no responsibility for the loss of personal data.
  5. Rajabets is entitled to decline any Affiliate application to join the Affiliate
    Program, and Rajabets is under no obligation to explain the reason for the
  6. Raja Affiliates program is entitled to make amendments to the existing
    Terms and Conditions. The existing Terms and Conditions are the Terms
    and Conditions displayed on the Affiliate Program website at the moment.
    It is impossible to trace the history of revisions. Should the terms of the
    Affiliate Program be amended, Affiliates will be notified by the email
    address provided by them at the time of registration.
  7. Users of the Affiliate Program will be provided with visual promotional
    materials (without text). Affiliates are allowed to use the website
    information in a variety of ways.
  8. As ways of advertising the betting company Rajabets Affiliates are not
    allowed to promote the Betting Company by way of email spam,
    contextual advertising mentioning the Rajabets brand and ClickUnder/
    PopUnder types of advertising. If such actions are discovered, the
    Affiliate’s personal account will be closed, any accrued funds will be
    annulled and commission fees will be withheld. It is also forbidden to use
    false information about the betting company and bonuses.
  9. The use of ‘cookie stuffing’ techniques by Affiliates is prohibited:
    the opening of the Rajabets website in iframe with sides of zero length or
    in an invisible zone;
    adding tags, cookie scripts, and other similar actions.
    Should an Affiliate violate these Terms and Conditions, their personal
    account will be blocked and deleted.
  10. Only one registration in the Affiliate Program is allowed per participant.
    Repeat registration as a sub-affiliate is strictly forbidden.
  11. Affiliates are not allowed to register their personal account with the
    betting company via their affiliate link. Collusion with other customers is
    also prohibited.

Referral Commission

  1. Affiliates’ earnings are not fixed. They depend on the profit the bookmaker receives from customers who register through the Affiliate’s link. Commissions, bonuses, and the total turnover of the Customer that the Affiliate has brought to the site do not affect the Affiliate’s earnings, which are 25% of the net profit the betting company receives from customers brought by that Affiliate. The commission rate can change according to negotiations. Rajabets reserves the right to revise the Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions at its sole discretion and without notice.
  2. If the Partner has not attracted New deposits in the amount of 50 US dollar within 1 (one) calendar month and there are less than 3 (three) New deposits, the Company has the right to change the terms of cooperation, including lowering the amount of the commission received by the Partner to 10%. If after the appropriate notification of the manager within 3 (three) calendar months the Partner has not attracted New deposits in the amount of 50 US dollar per month and at the same time there were less than 3 (three) New deposits per month, then the Company has the right to change the terms of cooperation, including lowering the amount of commission received by the Affiliate is up to 0% or suspend the Affiliate account in the Affiliate Program.
  3. The Rajabets has a Risk&Frauds team and the team has the right to check every movement of players. The CPA deal’s players are under detailed examination after their first deposit. The Raja Affiliates program has the right to suspend, cancel, and decline the income of the existing CPA deals according to the Risk&Frauds team report.

In turn, the active actions of the Partner in promoting the Company’s brands may become a reason for improving the conditions of cooperation in particular, increasing the size of the commission. The Partner will be notified of this by a letter to the email address provided in the Partner account.

Commission Payouts

Your commission will be automatically transferred to your account that you provide to the Affiliate Manager of Rajabets 1st day of every month, but only if the amount exceeds $50, which is the minimum amount for withdrawal. If an Affiliate has not accrued this amount, the funds will be automatically carried over to the following month until the required amount has been accrued. Any negative balance is not carried over to the next month.

The commission calculation terms and the formula is indicated below;

The Raja Affiliates program calculates all of the commission over Net
GGR – Bonus Given = NGR
NGR – 20% of NGR = Net Revenue

Raja Affiliates program has the right to take up to 20% network fee over
the Total NGR of the affiliate partners. The network fee can change
according to negotiations.

The Raja Affiliates program has the right to change the formula and
In some cases, before the withdrawal of funds can be made, Rajabets
may request an Affiliate to provide identification documents. The Affiliate
agrees and undertakes that the content of their promotional materials:
is based on facts and does not contain deliberately misleading

is not indecent or offensive, and does not contravene the law;
is delivered by legitimate means and is not a type of spam. Rajabets
may verify the traffic sources and deny payout if traffic was obtained by
prohibited means.

In cases where Rajabets has questions about the quality of traffic
attracted by a partner, the affiliate program reserves the right to suspend
payments of the partner’s commission to check the quality of traffic and
find out the reasons. The affiliate program also reserves the right not to
pay a commission to a partner in cases of detection of low-quality traffic
(fraud, multi-accounting, spam, circuit traffic).

The Rajabets affiliate program has the right to request the partner’s data
for identification, including data on payment methods, personal
information, and other information at the discretion of Rajabets.

Dispute Resolution Procedure
Affiliate Program participants Raja Affiliates can challenge any issues, and
Rajabets partners will consider all concerns when the evidence and
reasons are provided. They should be sent to the email address of the
Affiliate Program Support Team. Complaints and requests will be reviewed
within 14 days of the date of receiving the correspondence about the
dispute, and the Affiliate will be notified of the outcome. The use of swear
words, insults, and false information in correspondence is forbidden.